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What do we offer?[edit]

Eat-and-run Dubai only recommends an eat-and-run guarantee company. If you are looking for a safe Toto site, then is the only website that you can rely on. Eat and Dubai only shares sites that have safely completed all eat-and-run verification processes with members. In addition, we have implemented a deposit system for all recommended sites to prevent accidental eating out.

We take a minimum of 80 million won and a maximum of 200 million won for the received deposit, so we are paying special attention to the safety of our members. It is becoming very difficult to find a safe Toto site due to the recent rapid increase in eat-and-run accidents. Don't worry about which site to use anymore! Muktu Dubai will do its best to ensure that members have safe and enjoyable use of the site.

If you use sites recommended by Muktu Dubai, then you can say that you will have a completely safe and secure site to enjoy. You do not have to worry about whether the site is a scam or harms you by any means. Because the sites recommended by Muktu Dubai are only verified sites that have gone through a critical verification process for safety and security. There are certain criteria of Muktu Dubai that decide whether the site is safe to use or not.

Let's look at What are the criteria for selecting a guarantee company? Muktu Dubai selects a guarantee company according to the rigorous verification process designed by the verification team. Only sites that objectively guarantee the safety of the site, including the safety of the site and capital, are carefully selected and shared with members. 1. Sites with more than 10,000 daily users 2. Site capitalization of 1 billion won or more 3. Sites using overseas servers 4. Sites with no eating history and reports

Sites that satisfy the above conditions are selected and self-verified, and only sites with guaranteed safety are recommended through a deposit system.

What is the Deposit System? The deposit system is a way to fundamentally prevent the accident of eating by members. To verify the capital strength of the site and in the event of an accident at the recommended sites, 100% of the members' accident amount is guaranteed through a deposit. The deposit received ranges from a minimum of 80 million won to a maximum of 200 million won, all of which are used to guarantee the accident amount of the members.