Some Lesser Known Tips For The Long Distance Move

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id="mod_1469628">Location, location, location - What you should know
So, you've just gotten that job transfer to another city.
Or you want a change of scenery. Or maybe you're just tired of snow, heat, humidity, too much sun, too much cloudy weather, or too much or too little of something else. In any event, you're committed to a [# long distance move].

The biggest change in all this is the [ ]. And, while the cost of housing and the job picture are major factors to consider, there are other things to consider as well.

Perhaps the biggest thing is the weather and natural elements of the new location. This won't matter as much if the move is, say, Los Angeles to San Diego, or, New York City to Philadelphia. But if you're moving from Chicago to Miami, or Los Angeles to Portland, OR, there will be major differences.

We all know how many people from the Northeast and Midwest have moved to the Gulf Coast states and the Southwest, especially Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California, many to escape the cold snowy winters. Many were inspired by one or both of two things. A winter trip that they took to one of these places, where they had left 10 degree weather to encounter 70 or 80 degree weather upon arrival, despite it being December or January.

And the second thing is when, like so many of us, we watch the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA on New Year's Day. Having lived in Southern California for over 40 years before moving to the Portland, Oregon area, I can tell you that I can count the number of New Year's Days that weren't clear, sunny and smog free with outstanding visibility, on one hand with fingers to spare.

The clarity of the mountains, no snow, people sometimes in their shirtsleeves, and the announcers praising the day's beauty, along with the panning cameras, could not advertise the virtues of Southern California's winter climate to snowbound audiences any better.

So, after that winter trip down south, or seeing the parade on TV, many decide to make the move. But they forget to do one thing that can give them a better idea of the whole picture. That is, to go down there in the summer, when the heat is really on! Also, in the case of Southern California, how the lay of the land affects temperatures, especially in summer.

That 70 degree day you found in Phoenix or Miami in January will become a 110 degree July day in Phoenix, or a 90 degree July day with stifling wet humidity in Miami! And Southern California? If you're on the coast, like at the Santa Monica Pier, it may be a comfortable 70 degrees.

But go as little as a mile inland and it can be 80 . Hollywood may be at 85 , and Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley may be 95 on that same day ! And sometimes, during fire season, there may be a lot of smoky haze in som[#

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