Furniture Trends Interior Decoration And More: The Modern-Day Look

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Art deco can trace its roots to France in the early 1920s. The first World War was still fresh in the memories of all of Europe and they were looking for ways to brighten their lives and culture once more. They looked to the modernism movement for inspiration and began to decorate in lavish style. The early French pieces used a great deal of floral pattern with heavy inlays and symmetrical design. They also were characterized by a great deal of nickel in the home look.

design portfolio Natural wood floors are great in a beach setting. The use of throw rugs that bring out the warmth of the wood will be a good addition as well. Again stick with the lighter colors.

2) The next thing you can do to cheaply summer home decorating tips your small space, is to work with the window coverings. Instead of spending a ton of money on curtains from the local home decor store, you can head to the fabric store and find something that coordinates with your chosen paint color. For instance, you can pick up some muslin, which is usually inexpensive, twist and drape it over the curtain. Look at interior design magazine for creative home decor and then use available materials to imitate what you find. Just draping the windows with a pretty fabric can really add a nice touch to any room.

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